Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


Spot cleaning

Spills happen from time to time. Coffee, ink, grease, food… accidents happen but they don’t need to be cause for concern if attended to in a timely manner by professionals.


In-depth hygiene cleaning

Carpets and upholstery also become discoloured and unhygienic due to dirt, pollen, debris, allergens, germs, bacteria etc. This buildup can also cause odours and then spread illness.

There are some things that vacuuming alone simply cannot fix.

Regular in depth cleaning of carpets and upholstery (such as office chairs, couches, etc) can keep them fresh, hygienic, and help prolong the life of the product.

Our machines are designed so that we can utilise them for carpets and chairs making it easy for us to offer the complete service.



Should you ever find yourself in the un-enviable position of having wet carpet following a flood we can assist.

Our carpet cleaning machines can remove excess water from the carpet and we can use large blowers to assist with the drying process.